The Dogs Got Out Easy



Sidney Norman, North Staff Writer

Controversy over the North vs. Memorial Varsity football game played at Santa Fe’s new stadium on Sept. 9 will continue as administrators make the call to leave the game unfinished after being cancelled in the fourth quarter due to severe weather.

Although neither team earned a win according to records, the student bodies of both schools assumed Memorial took the victory because they were leading 28-24 with 9:24 left in the game when severe weather struck. The results could have differed if it had been possible to finish the game.

“They ended up calling neither a win our a loss,” junior Brock Appiah said. “The results of the game could have differed because we were driving down the field, and it had been back and forth the whole time. I definitely didn’t think rain was going to be the reason we lost.”

The game was back and forth with a close score the entire night. For officials to call it early without allowing the game to be finished on another day is unfair to the players who work hard at practice every day and to the students who willingly give up countless Friday nights to cheer on the team from the student section. Edmond North sophomore Chloe Scheitzach is one of these devoted fans.

“The student section contributes to the team’s performance because even when North is losing, we still have fun and can provide support and encouragement for the football team,” Scheitzach said. “It makes me mad how we give up our Friday nights every week just to have a game not even be finished. Lightning shouldn’t have affected the final outcome. I think we could have won that night because of the energy of the game.”

North has a huge amount of school spirit, especially when it comes to athletics. Many students, along with our team, felt an injustice with the final outcome of this Friday Night Lights.