Enrollment extraordinaire: Cheryl Byford

Macey Thaxton, Staff Writer

In addition to bringing back a somewhat normal-looking school day this year, Edmond Memorial High School also has many brand new staff members.

These new staff members don’t only consist of our wonderful teachers, but also include people that work behind the scenes to make for an exciting new school year. Introducing Cheryl Byford as Memorial’s brand new registrar.

“This year we have had over 100 Edmond kids that had left Edmond last year to do online school that have come back,” Byford said. “So as of today we have a rough estimate of over 240 kids that are either new or returning from being in online school.”

She works with enrolling new students, keeping up with schedule changes and holding student records.

“I was a stay at home mom for 13 years,” Byford said. “My oldest son went to school at Cheyenne [Middle School]. I subbed in the office and [the principal] asked if I would be interested in working for real and that’s how I fell into it.”

Once both of her sons left Cheyenne, Byford stayed behind working as a registrar there for 19 years.

“There are a lot more students [at Memorial],” she said, “And the transcripts, I’m realizing that the transcripts are so important because without having your credits, you’re not going to graduate.”

Working at a high school has opened her eyes to how different middle school credits are versus high school credits.

“I was always a Husky person, because I was a Husky mom, Edmond North Husky, but I think the Bulldog community is very friendly,” Byford said. “They help each other, and it’s just a very cool place.”

Byford is a perfect new friendly face to add to the Bulldog staff.

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