A concert to the portal of hell

Astroworld, one of the most popular music festivals,took a turn for the worst and caused more harm than good.

Astroworld, one of the most popular music festivals,took a turn for the worst and caused more harm than good.

Hailey Paddock, Staff Writer

Concerts, the event where live music and fun come together, have now become a life-risking occasion. Although deaths at concerts are nothing new, one of the most well-known musical festivals, rapper Travis Scott’s “Astroworld,” has recently caught heat due to the total of 10 people dead and many more injured. 

“Astroworld” was held Nov. 5-6, 2021 in Houston, Texas, and nearly 50,000 people attended. The event was very popular for all ages. The audience completely sold out the venue, and it was undeniably one of the biggest concerts of the year. 

The show was all the rage until it actually turned into a rage. Fans were being squished and stomped on, and at some point (it was rumored) during the concert, people were injecting narcotics into others in the crowd. Many fans had passed out and were carried throughout the crowd to medical help.

 Scott is not the only one facing the backlash of the uncontrolled event. Rapper Drake, who also performed at the concert, and Kylie Jenner, Scott’s baby momma, are also suffering from the repercussions of this tragedy. Jenner and Stormi (Jenner and Scott’s child) had at least six security guards escorting them through the crowd to the backstage area. Not only did this aggravate fans because they were being stuffed together without any help, but this concert was definitely not meant for 3-year-olds like Stormi. 

Cancel culture is hitting hard on Scott and every celebrity involved with “Astroworld,” fans are protesting Scott’s music and not holding back on harsh comments. Conspiracy theories have been blowing up all over social media. Many say that Scott planned this and that it was a sacrificial event, comparing the portal shown at the concert to the portal of hell. Although this is a far stretch, and it may have just been a tragic accident, Scott is still held accountable. The lawsuits that Scott is facing from victims and their families, as well as damages, are done in the venue, are ranging from thousands to billions of dollars.

The apology that Scott gave on his Instagram story had fans laughing at the insincerity of the short video. It was made very clear that he did not care about the lives suffering and lost because of his event, by the little emotions and sympathy showed. Now the brief clip has turned into a meme that is all over TikTok. 

Honestly, I rarely listened to Scott, but now after viewing the accident, it has turned me away from his music for good. Separating the artist from the art is very difficult considering the lives that have been lost. No one can ever unsee the horrid videos of fans screaming for help while staff ignored them, multiple members of the crowd passing out and being carried by other audience members, or the way Scott just watched it all happen.

Someone has to take responsibility for this concert, and I’m glad Scott is suffering from the consequences. This is a good use of cancel culture, “Astroworld” was heartbreaking and unforgettable.


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