Parking outside the lines


An image featured on the emhs.badparking page

Jordan Graham, Staff Writer

Wonder how many students are awful at parking? Now they are exposed on the Edmond Memorial High School’s Instagram parking page, @emhs.badparking.

The bad parking Instagram page isn’t directly linked to Memorial but is about the Memorial student’s bad parking jobs. Officially being created on Oct. 11, 2021, the page began to gain popularity throughout the school in a matter of a few days, creating the next big trend in school.

 Because of the “devious licks”  TikTok trend, schools had started paying more attention to student behavior. When the “bad parking” trend spiked up around late Sept. and early Oct., a parking issue was brought to the table. Students began to take pictures of cars that parked poorly and post them on social media platforms. At first, it was something for kicks and giggles but the fun didn’t last long. 

Teachers had lost a lot of classroom items during the last trend, and the parking adds more to the frustration. Teachers have voiced their irritation with having a hard time parking in general, and it keeps becoming increasingly worse because of this trend. Many students too have agreed with the troubles of finding a well-parked spot because of the constant seek of attention to be on the page. 

A parking attendant at Memorial, Bill Emrich, works to help parents, visitors, administrators, staff and students with parking and other aids. Emrich had mentioned that he does not recommend participating in this trend because it can affect how other people park, causing a bigger mess than needed. Recently, the parking attendants are enforcing parking tickets because of the situation and other following issues. 

“Writing a few tickets doesn’t distract from our primary focus of helping others.” Emrich said. 

Despite all the negative talk about the trend, some fun is still being brought out. Students claim that it brings a little fun to the overbearing high school life. Sophomore Brighton Loberg stated that she had seen Edmond North’s bad parking page and thought it was quite hilarious. 

“I have never made it on the Instagram page but know quite a few friends that have made an appearance on it.” Loberg said. 

The creator of this page stays rather anonymous and many students have no clue who it is. Sophomore Remington Burright was the owner of the first car on the Instagram page. While quite embarrassing to be the first on the bad parking page, Burright has found it quite funny to see others embrace the pictures as just a good laugh. 

“I thought I would get made fun of for my bad parking, but then the more people that were posed on the page and then the set up with lawn chairs and campfires made it a lot better.” Burright said. 

Jokes aside, bad parking shouldn’t be taken lightly. While yes, some aspects can be amusing and downright hilarious, other students and staff members have gotten quite irritated and hope that student drivers can learn that their parking trend is affecting others. 

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