Girls’ Tennis is Ready to Serve a Satisfying Season with New Head Coach

Lauren Wong, North Staff Writer

Edmond North’s girls’ tennis team greeted a new head coach this fall for the upcoming season.  Brittany VanCleave was selected by Tom Snider, North’s athletic director, for the girls’ head coach position.  

“She has amazing tennis knowledge,” Snider said of VanCleave, who has been playing tennis since she was 9 years old, as well as during her high school years as a North Husky, even claiming a state championship as a student here.  

“I loved the game so much that I decided to play into my teen years,” VanCleave said. “My hard work and skill took me to the next level, and I was honored to have the opportunity to play at a Division I school.”  Before becoming a head coach, VanCleave was an assistant under former head coach Dee Ann Wallar for four years at North High School.

“I’ve noticed that she brings out the best in everyone,” Snider said.  Fellow teammates agree that VanCleave brings a supportive and energetic attitude towards tennis.  

“VanCleave knows how I play and why I play,” senior Abbey Wegrzynski said.  “This understanding will aid her in how she coaches me and help to advance me to where I hope to be as a player.”   

VanCleave is excited to watch the team compete and show off their hard work from the fall in the upcoming spring months.  She hopes the team will help push each other to reach their individual goals.  “If they can be self motivated enough to work hard everyday at practice, it will help them not only succeed on the tennis court but those characteristics will help them succeed in their future careers.” VanCleave said.  

You can watch the girls’ tennis team show off their hard work in upcoming tournaments and matches in March, April and May of 2017.