New organization formed to include everyone


Julia Reese

The first meeting of the GSA Club (Gay Straight Alliance) was attended by many people.

Sydney Varner, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Santa Fe is home to an abundance of clubs and organizations to join and participate in. With the beginning of a new school year new clubs and organizations spur into action, finding sponsors and members.

One of the many new clubs started this year at Santa Fe is the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) and lives up to its title. Santa Fe’s student body is diverse and includes a large amount of LGBT students. The GSA provides an opportunity to come together for not only LGBT students, but for other students as well.

“It’s a club about bringing everyone together in safety and acceptance,” English teacher and club sponsor, Valerie Roberson said.

Through meetings, they hope to provide a safe space that promotes inclusivity throughout every area of Santa Fe. The goal of the GSA is to create a place that allows students to embrace their identity and take a stand against discrimination.

“It’s about stopping discrimination and realizing everyone is a person no matter what,” sophomore attendee Brittany Shrader said.

They meet every first and third Wednesday of each month during first lunch in Roberson’s room and second lunch in English teacher and cheer coach, Stephanie Bray’s room. The GSA also plans on becoming involved in multiple activities inside and outside of school.

“We want to do events outside of school like the Feed the Homeless,” co-president of the club, Kayla Lingelbach said. “We also want to go to the new equality center.”

The GSA is the first of it’s kind at Santa Fe, but they are excitedly approaching the school year with their envisioned goals in mind.

“If you go to Santa Fe chances are good that you know someone that is a part of the LGBT community, so this club is for everyone,” Roberson said. “I’m excited about it growing with more members and more years.”


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