Hilarious Hypnotism


Caroline Goza

Yeager standing in front of multiple hypnotized student volunteers.

Jamison Joyce, Staff Writer

Swine Week 2022 has begun and is kicking off the week’s series of night time events with a confusing and humorous hypnotism show. Hypnotist Jonathan “The Hypno-Meister” Yeager came to the Edmond Memorial High School auditorium to send 30+ Bulldogs on the hypnotic journey of a lifetime.

Yeager began the show by inviting up volunteers to participate. As students made their way up, Yeager began to put them into a zen state to prepare their minds for the hypnotism. He played calming music and sound effects of the beach and forest. At this point all the volunteers were focusing as hard as possible on the act, but some were not focused enough for the hypnotism and had to return to the audience per Yeager’s request. Once he had narrowed down the group to the able minded, the fun was set to begin.

The crowd’s attention then shifted to the right hand side of the stage where Yeager was placing his hand on the shoulder of one of the volunteers. Yeager whispered to the volunteer, telling him only to focus on closing his eyes and when he said the “magic” word, the volunteer went out cold. This was only the beginning however; each volunteer would later become subject to these “sleepy antics” as the show progressed.

Yeager’s hypnotic skills were not limited to making people hilariously fall asleep. He then woke up all the volunteers to continue the act. However they woke up differently than when they went to sleep, they were hypnotized. Yeager had managed to make all of the volunteers completely forget their own name upon waking up. This effect received lots of laughter from the crowd and chuckles from the volunteers as they were baffled that they could not remember their name in the slightest.

As the show progressed, Yeager really turned up the heat with each act. After putting the volunteers back to sleep, he began the next part of his act. When the volunteers, who at this point were deep in a hypnotic state, awoke from their slumber and were all taken over by the uncontrollable urge to act like zoo animals. The audience was then blessed with many animal demonstrations ranging from fish to gorillas. The crowd thought that this must be the pinnacle of hypnotic comedy, but Yeager wasn’t done and was yet to reveal all of the tricks up his sleeve.

The next act began once again with the volunteers in a deep sleep. This time when they popped back up they all made a b-line for the crowd. They were on a mission to answer the call of a “shoe phone” that they were being summoned by. They went into the audience begging members for their shoes to return to the stage. Once back onstage they began to converse with their mystery callers through the shoe. This to no surprise, left the crowd in shambles.

After a continuum of amazing hypnotic jokes and antics it was time for the show to end. This performance however was extremely funny and entertaining. Hopefully the hypnotism show will become a Swine Week tradition for years to come because it was a truly must-see spectacle. There couldn’t possibly be a better way to kickstart the best week of the school year.

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