“Home Team” stuns audience

Home Team shows that you cannot always underestimate the underdogs

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Home Team shows that you cannot always underestimate the underdogs

Ben Fuller , Staff Writer

On  Jan 28, Netflix released a new original movie called “Home Team,”  directed by Charles Kinnanne and produced by Adam Sandler.

With Sean Payton (Kevin James) head coach of the New Orleans Saints this movie takes place in 2012, two years after the Saints won the Super Bowl. Payton receives a call from Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, and finds out that he has been accused of bountying, this means paying players and adding bonuses to their salaries for intentionally injuring players from other teams. 

He finds out he is being suspended for a full NFL season, so he heads to Texas where his ex-wife and son reside. His son is not too interested in having him around, but when he starts giving his son’s team pointers and offering different plays, the head coach offers him a job as his assistant. 

The team becomes noticeably better but after a while, the NFL coach side of Payton kicks in and Payton starts treating the team, even his own son, like Drew Brees, which doesn’t go down well. The movie takes a good look at many different types of relationships, while being a lighthearted film about family, friends and football.

As a sports fan and a movie lover, I really enjoyed this movie. My favorite part was when Payton was teaching the team different plays from his playbook at a Mexican restaurant using chips and salsa. The boys couldn’t understand the X’s and O’s from the playbook, but they could see the chips and salsa move across the table and it seemed to finally click. 

Any sports fans, especially of football would enjoy this movie as it shows one can recover from their mistakes while mending relationships at the same time.

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