Track spirit


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EMHS Track Team Photo Student Samara on the far left, and student Mills on the far right after their most resent meet

Jacie Adcock, Staff Writer

Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS) Track and Field team is ranked fifth in the state and were state champions from years 2016-2019. Tyler Sergent has had past experiences coaching track but loves coaching for EMHS Sergent has led the team for three years.
“I have coached at Moore, Norman and was also at Oklahoma University. I love being here at Edmond,” Sergent said.
The community comes together to support and cheer on the team as they compete.
“There is a ton of support for the track team and the community rallies around us,” Sergent said.
Jhenna Samara, a junior, does shot put and discus (long-distance throwing). When she places in the top, she feels as if it’s not only winning for herself but the other girls on the team as well.
“I have won several medals, you feel a sense of pride but more than that you feel more connected to your friends on the team, like you have accomplished something for the girl next to you,” Samara said.
Samara is motivated to progress through her journey on the track team.
“My motivation is the people who have refrained from trying to motivate me. It’s those who doubt me, those I compete against. I like to win, but more than that I like to progress as a person and I believe I do that through my athletics,” Samara said.
Senior Madison Mills, is a sprinter and she feels that keeping a positive attitude helps bring the track team together and brings a family aspect to the team.
“Being able to keep positive attitudes while we die on the track brings us closer together as a family. That’s a really important quality when trying to have a conducive environment on a track team,” Mills said.
Samara also feels like the team has become a collective unit or family.
“I think it is a very great program, I’ve made a lot of friends through it. It’s just such a collective unit and everyone knows and loves each other,” Samara said.
Sergent pushes the girls to focus on the physical side but also the mentality to become tougher as a team.
“You have to look at everyone as someone that can beat you because it can happen. We take this mentality into our training to push ourselves every day,” Sergent said.
Samara’s goal for the season is to become stronger through training and winning.
“I want to get stronger and feel stronger, I want to win state as a team,” Samara said.
Part of being on the track team takes physical and mental capabilities, Sergent pushes the girls to train and do their best to be tough.
“We do a lot of physical training including track workouts and lifting, we spend tons of time on the mental side.
I want the toughest girls in the state on my team, I push them to become that. I put them in tough situations in training so that they have something they have to overcome,” Sergent said.
The track and field team has a family mentality. Not only do the girls train to win, but one win individually is a win for the whole team. The first meet of the season is Jan. 29th, the girls are on their way to being state champions for 2022.

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