“Dog” is the movie with the most


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Briggs and Lulu pose for picture after filming “Dog.”

Abby Love, Staff Writer

The comedy movie “Dog” is a one hour and 41 minute masterpiece, Starring Channing Tatum, who also is a producer of the movie. From laughing at jokes to cringing at second hand embarrassment to physics and tranquilizing darts, this movie has it all. “Dog” is about Jackson Briggs, an Army Ranger and his diseased Army friend’s dog, Lulu

The movie starts out a little slow until Briggs’ traumatic brain injury is introduced. From there the movie shows why Lulu comes into his life. The army doesn’t have room for liabilities, and Lulu very much is one ever since her owner passed away. So naturally, Briggs is stuck with Lulu in exchange for a good word from his captain to return to the Army since they discharged him because of his brain trauma. 

However, to do so he has to take Lulu to her old owner’s funeral. Lulu is an anxious wreck with major trust issues and a love for chewing things up. 

I definitely questioned Briggs’ decision making skills at times, and yes, it did eventually frustrate me that he was so bad at expressing his emotions. Nevertheless, it is impossible not to fall in love with the story and of course, Lulu’s puppy dog eyes, and don’t forget your tissues.

Lulu and Briggs obviously had a rocky start, but eventually they trust each other and become a family. Audiences will appreciate the humor wasn’t for kids and was actually funny. Although cheesy at times, there were real struggles represented in “Dog.” If you like to laugh out loud jokes and dramatic scenes that will make you cry, “Dog” is the perfect movie for you.

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