Meet Meg Shadid


Bettie Bunn

Meg Shadid is in her first year at Edmond Santa Fe high school where she teaches AP World History.

Bettie Bunn, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Meg Shadid is one of  many new teachers this year at Santa Fe. She teaches AP World History and is devoted to understanding the past in order to live a more productive future.

Shadid grew up in a family of five and lived in Kansas. She attended Kansas State University and earned a degree in Education. Many students might recognize her because she was a substitute teacher here last year and continues to enjoy the politeness and diversity of the student body.

Shadid is excited that she can finally become a full time educator with the opportunity to devote her time to teaching students about a subject that she is passionate about.

“I’m excited to start this new school year at Santa Fe, and feel honored to get to teach here,” Shadid said. “I’m really excited for the football games in the new stadium and participating in some of the many activities that Santa Fe has.”

Shadid was very motivated by the fact that her family believed that she could do anything that she set her mind to. She’s extremely close with her family and of course her husband who lives here in Oklahoma with her.

Early this year, Shadid auditioned with her family to be on Family Feud. They watched it together as a family and had always dreamed of participating on the show. They did not make it, however they enjoyed the experience and thought that it brought their family together once again.

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