Importance of record keeping


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Athletes put so much work into their respective sports so it is important to keep records to honor them.

Lavonte Rollerson, Staff Writer

On March 29, at Capital One Arena, The Washington Wizards played the Atlanta Hawks. Russell Wesbrook broke another record, ending the game with his 182nd career triple-double. With other star player Bradley Beal out of the lineup, most of the plays on the offense were depending on Westbrook and Rui Hachimura. 

Without record keeping, no athlete would have anything to reflect on trying to improve. With the Hawks leading 125-122, Westbrook had a clean look at a three-pointer with two seconds left but his shot bounced off the rim. The Washington Wizards lost 125-124 to the Atlanta Hawks that night.

“You put so much into the game, so much time, you sacrifice so much, to be able to just be mentioned with guys like Oscar, Magic and Jason Kidd, those guys, is something I never dreamed about as a young kid growing up in LA. Truly grateful for moments like this,” said Westbrook. 

     Tracking results not only allows coaches to see how performance is going, it can actually help your performance result in better results. 

     By analyzing performance in detail, it helps with identifying what’s working and what’s not. Records can also serve as motivation for athletic achievement. It is a more in-depth way to look at a simple box score, and also more accurately evaluates the skill and production of a player or team.

The next record broken is the fewest games to reach 2000, broken by Zion Williamson. New Orleans power forward broke this record with just his ninth point in a game versus the San Antonio Spurs. While his Pelicans lost 121-117 to the San Antonio Spurs, Williamson did enough to justify the hype around him as he broke the Pelicans’ record for most points by a rookie on debut.

“I’m 19. Honestly, at that moment I’m not thinking about longevity, I’m thinking about winning that game. So, it was very tough.” said Williamson

Keeping record is not only important for improving performance but it is also important for giving newer players something to work toward. It’s essential for newbies coming into sports to set themselves a goal so it motivates them to go above and beyond. 

Edson Arantes better known as Pele previously set a record for the most one-clubs goals. Years later Lionel Messi broke this same record after their victory at Real Valladolid by one goal. Pele’s record had to play a part in motivation for Messi to try one-hundred and ten percent harder in each game.

“I’ve waited a long time for this, now I’m going to enjoy it, it’s a unique moment after waiting so long. I am very happy,” Messi said.

Athletes need something to motivate them to push themselves, Williamson is a good example on why it is important to have a drive. I don’t know if he had a drive for that game but he did end up losing because of the mindset he had going into the game, he even said himself it’s because he’s young he didn’t play for longevity. If he did have a motivation from let’s say a record, it could affect his game in a positive way with the outcome of a win from playing for the long run. 

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