Edmond Memorial food bank


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Edmond Memorial students are helping out the Food Bank and the library by returning books and donating non-perishables.

Ben Fuller , Staff Writer

The Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS) library is partnering with the school food bank to help students in need take food home by collecting food donations in place of overdue book fines. The EMHS food bank typically serves between 25 to 30 families a week.

Counselor Dawnetta Russell, is the head of the school food bank. 

We have been very blessed with families who have supplemented our food supply earlier this year.  That has really carried us but we are lacking in a few things,” Russell said.  

To help restock the shelves of the EMHS food bank, the library will remove a fine from your library account each time a student donates a can or box of food. 

Myka Gilliam, Media Specialist, had a vision for this partnership but shied away from taking the credit. 

“Oh, it was Mrs Gilliam for sure,”  Bekah Joash, Memorial Media Specialist said. 

In fact, she tried this idea a few years ago, but is hoping for a much better turnout this year. 

“We tried it before but it wasn’t super successful because we didn’t get the word out early enough,” Gilliam said. 

This year, the library, counseling office and the Memorial Parent Organization (MPO) are working together to organize the event.

“There are no stipulations or exclusions to the program,”  Gilliam said.

While the foodbank is in need of items like large cans of chicken and Chicken Helper, all donations will go a long way to help this cause.

“We’re pretty much happy with anything,” Gilliam said. 

Library aides Georgia Matthews and Octavian West are both very supportive of the program and have already witnessed several students pay their fines with food. 

“I think it is really good because honestly it’s not really like we need like seventy something cents or whatever but now you are going and donating canned food and it just helps people who need it,” Matthews said. 

This program will run throughout the entire month of April but Gilliam is encouraging students to act early. 

“Erase those pesky fines in advance of prom ticket purchases because you can’t buy a prom ticket if you have a library fine on your account,” Gilliam said. “We are hoping to make a difference in our school.”

Students should double-check the fines on their accounts. If you have one from the library, consider donating non-perishable items to help the food bank. 

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