A day in the life of Austin Osby


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Austin Osby successfully juggles both his own business and college classes.

Abby Amukaya, Staff Writer

 For the past four years, senior Austin Osby has made Swine Week enjoyable for all students and teachers at Edmond Memorial by using his culinary talents to sell Oreo Balls. This year alone, he has raised over $1,000 for Memorial’s 2022 Swine Week.

Not only is Osby known for his Orea Balls, but he is also one of the many people that take college courses while in high school called concurrent. Some of his classes are taught by college-approved high school teachers who allow students to receive credit for college and high school. Obsy found it easier to progress ahead and take advantage of the opportunities that were offered.

“My dad always put it upfront that it would be easier to do concurrent because it was better in the long run. I was up to the challenge and it was a good chance to advance in my knowledge,” Osby said.

His family motivation has helped him throughout high school and has been an influence on him.

“My family has been my biggest support and inspiration, especially my brother who had turned his life around by losing a lot of unwanted weight and set a huge example for me,” Osby said.

Time management plays a big role in Osby’s day-to-day life and how he navigates throughout the day, which was taught in the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) class he is in. DECA is an organization that prepares students to become leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, hospitality and management.

“He is very conscientious with what he does, has a big interest in learning and making his time count,”  DECA teacher Tammy Graves said.

Being in DECA has also helped him with the Etsy business he operates online. He sells various sport items and products like flags, blankets and street signs.

“I am definitely passionate about catering and selling on Etsy and if I had the opportunity to go big with it I would, but at the moment, I don’t have any huge future plans with it,” Osby said.

Basketball is another important part of his life as well and has helped him through high school.

“Austin is very talented on and off the court, his maturity and ability to be a good teammate is impressive,” basketball coach Joseph Armour said.

The stress for any other ordinary person would be unbearable, so many wonder how Osby manages the intensity and endures through the day.

“For someone that does a lot in high school and stays on top of all his work, he really doesn’t let anything bring him down or affect him, he handles it quite well,” Armour said.

Osby treats everyone as a friend and is always kind. He takes opportunities whenever he has a chance and never wastes time achieving what he wants.

“All I have to say is to be kind to people and do your best on things because you never know who is watching you or who is going to see you,” Osby said.

Osby was offered a basketball scholarship to Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, and will attend in the fall.

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