Piggy Vision: behind the making


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Edmond Memorial’s Art Club does an outstanding job on this year’s Swine Week Piggyvision.

Owen Skinner, Staff Editor

Edmond Memorial’s Swine Week themed Pigeo Games, based on popular video games, has wrapped up and the Piggy Vision mural is finished. Piggy Vision is a painting that the students make every Swine Week. The work is full of popular video game characters and took a full eight days.

 Jesse Herndon, Memorial’s art teacher, the art club and many volunteers came to make the mural to be able to show it off in the final assembly. 

“I absolutely loved how the end result came out, [it ended up looking a] lot better than I had expected.” said senior Persephone Hobbs, designer of the mural.

The Art Club received lots of help from student volunteers and even some of the sports showed up to help.

“It wasn’t just the art club, we had volunteers from a lot of other students,” Herndon said. “Even some of the softball ladies came and helped. It’s a big team thing and it’s open to anyone who is interested.”

It all started when the Art Club met up to come up with designs for the mural.

“Art club met a few months back and everyone submitted different ideas and designs, we probably had maybe 50 designs,” Herndon said.

Piggy Vision was luckily finished in time. The deadline was a close call because of the snow days, but was finished in time to show the entire school at the final assembly of Swine Week.

“I think it came out great. I think it’s the best one we have had in many years,” Herndon said.

Despite the hard and long work put into the mural, the Art Club was happy with the final result.

“I am really happy with how the mural turned out this year. This is the first time I have ever been a part of painting something so big and with so many people,” said sophomore and Art Club member, Elyse Janzen.

The end product did not go unnoticed, the work was used in the final assembly impressing the school and the people there.

“Art club did an amazing job painting it and putting it together,” Baylee Rose said. “We couldn’t have done it without them at all. I’m always stunned by how incredible it makes the environment of swine week, and this year did not disappoint.”

Piggy Vision was put together by a skilled group of people and if it weren’t for them then Swine Week wouldn’t have been as great.

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