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Coach Shaw is a man of many talents as he is the football, wrestling and soccer coach

Ben Fuller , Staff Writer

Edmond Memorial High School teacher and coach Tyler Shaw is in his fourth year teaching and his eleventh year coaching football.
“I have coached at EMHS, Deer Creek and Edmond Santa Fe,” Shaw said.
Shaw has always thought of football as his main sport but at Memorial he has had the opportunity to coach wrestling and soccer.
“Wrestling is something I wish I would have started earlier in my life because I love the discipline that it requires and the one on one aspect, you cannot blame anyone but yourself when you lose”, ‘ Shaw said. “Track and soccer are both more laid back when it comes to the demand on me as a coach in regards to hours spent but each are also heavily focused on the technique and strategy side of things.”
Shaw admires the work and dedication of each and every athlete no matter what sport they play.
“Each of these sports carry a misconception to people that are not familiar with the sport, that you just go run, throw, or just kick the ball. That is not true at all. These athletes put a lot of work into their craft and are very appreciative to coaches that recognize them for it,” Shaw said. “Basically I enjoy them each but most of all it is about developing a relationship with these young athletes to help develop them in their craft and be someone they can turn to in all situations.”
Senior Eli Cordy, only wrestled until the Bulldog coaching staff recruited him to play football. After playing linebacker this season, Cordy stated that playing for Shaw was awesome and Shaw was always an encouragement to the players.
“His motto was: Work Hard. Play Harder. And Always Have Fun,’ Cordy said.
When it comes to Shaw, coaching seems to be more about leading student athletes to develop character and become lifelong learners, rather than just focusing on wins and losses.
EMHS secretary, Shelly Shaw, is Shaw’s mom and she shared this exact thought.
“I am so proud of the teacher and coach he is. One of my favorite things about working with him is getting to see the relationships he has with the students and his athletes,” Shelly said.
Shaw is not afraid to take on new challenges and gives 100 percent to whatever he is doing at whatever time he is doing it, including having his own side business. It turns out that he owns his own business as well as teaches.
“It is a pest control business that I started with my father-in-law last summer [2021]. I am the owner of the branch here on the west side of the state and they operate from Tulsa to further east toward Arkansas. I am involved in all aspects of the business at this time,” Shaw said. “I make sales calls, handle advertising and I am one of the service technicians. We handle all pest issues so what people need and what time of year it is really dictates what I will have to do. I primarily do general sprays and termite inspections currently.”
Shaw is proof that someone can do whatever they dream in life, no matter how big that idea may be or how busy life may become. However, it’s vital that the decision is made to work hard every day, never forget that people matter and make time management a priority.

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