Traveling with classes is back


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As schools begin to bring back pre-COVID protocols, many are implementing school trips once again.

Owen Skinner, Staff Writer

Now that COVID-19 is wrapping up, Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS) has started having school sponsored trips again, giving students and teachers an event to look forward to and an experience to grow with a class or group. Some of these are even outside of the country, for example some French students are traveling to Europe.

“I am looking forward to taking students to see the concepts we have learned about this year and hear from the professionals in charge of overseeing the whole process,” said Jana Jolly, EMHS Family and Consumer Science teacher.

Students and teachers are traveling to different educational places allowing them to learn in a fun way. It gives them a visual and hands-on experience allowing them to remember what they are taught.

“Being abroad opens the door to a multitude of international and cultural experiences,” EMHS Spanish teacher Patricia Pinto said. 

These trips can allow students to participate in beneficial activities that show what their future could be. They can also help students learn more about the country they live in and other countries they haven’t been to.

“It helps to boost their global fluency, which is an important skill to have once they graduate, because it gives them more perspective on what they would like to do in the future and how many opportunities there are,” Pinto said.

Traveling also gives teachers opportunities to grow bonds with their students. The time that they are granted allows them to talk to their students and learn more about them.

“I’ve done almost 10 trips over the years, and it’s just great to be able to show them things they have never seen before,” EHMS French teacher Peggy Whittington said.

The trips show how important it is to travel. It helps them increase their experiences out in the world, bonds grow with teachers and their students and they teach students visually of objects and future opportunities.

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