North students eyeing the iPhone 7



John Bishop, North Staff Writer

After Apple announced their newest smartphones at their annual keynote event on Sept. 7, the new iPhone 7 is finally hitting North’s hallways. Teachers and students alike have been anticipating the release of the new iPhone while rumors circulated all summer.

The vast majority of the rumors were true, with one outstanding among the rest: the removal of the headphone jack. One reason for this decision was to make room for a new Taptic Engine, which provides multiple functions like reinforcing audio alerts, whereas the headphone jack’s functions were limited. There wasn’t enough space inside the phone to fit both the engine and the headphone jack, so one of them had to go.

In addition to the removal of the headphone jack, students are excited for a new development in Apple technology–the new smartphone is water-resistant. Many students have enjoyed dunking their phones into water and bringing them out undamaged. The days of using dry rice to save a drenched iPhone are over.

Another huge addition to Apple’s iPhone is an increased battery life. The iPhone 7 promises an increase of 2 hours in battery life when compared to the iPhone 6S.

Biology teacher Michael Roach recently bought the iPhone 7 Plus, which is larger than the iPhone 7 and introduces dual exterior cameras. The cameras add even more versatility to the iPhone’s uses. Roach said his favorite new feature is the addition of these cameras.

However, not all students are completely supportive of the changes.

“The headphones are a pain because now you can’t charge and listen to music at the same time,” freshman Holden Kenzee said. “But it’s okay because this phone has a really long battery life.”

Despite some concerns, North students and teachers alike are abuzz with chatter about the iPhone 7.