Bastille: back and better than ever

In 2013, alternative English band Bastille released their first album, “Bad Blood”, and took the world by storm and now they have done it again with their follow up album, “Wild World”. The group is made up of four members: Dan Smith, Kyle Simmons, Chris Wood and Will Farquarson. Forming in 2010, by lead singer Smith, Bastille chose their name based off of Smith’s birthday which happens to fall on the French holiday known as “Bastille Day.”

“Wild World” was released on September 9, 2016 and you can purchase the album on iTunes or Amazon. It consists of 19 songs, each with something that makes them individual, but all work together to tell a story to the listener. They not only used the sound they created in the first album, but they built off of it and used it to create an even deeper, more intense and independent sound.

Before the official release of the new album, the band released their song “Good Grief” to begin marketing for “Wild World.” It is fun and lighthearted with two sound bites of a woman speaking, which adds to the playfulness of it.

The group added recordings of sound bites, in a number of the tracks, which adds a layer of creativity and individuality to the group. It helps them stand out from other musicians as well as create a storyline throughout each song.

In both the first and second albums, the group did a fantastic job of throwing a few slower songs into the mix. I really enjoy being able to listen to an album and feel like I am on an emotional rollercoaster. Any band or musician that can cause listeners to feel more than just one emotion captivates more people because it keeps fans from becoming bored with the same sound over and over again.

My three overall favorites from the album were “Snakes,” “Lethargy” and “Send Them Off!” I enjoy these three in particular because they are all really interesting and I could listen to them over and over again, which I have.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this album to others because it has lots of different elements that give everyone a chance to find something they like about it. The band started off their career strong with the first album, and they did not disappoint with the second. I can’t wait to hear their next album.

You can purchase the album on the iTunes store.

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