Bulldogs audition for prestigious honor choir

Memorial is overflowing with musically talented students, some of which have recently been accepted to the Central Oklahoma Choral Directors Association District Honor Choir, (COCDA).

COCDA is made up of students who audition to make either the Junior High chorus for sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth graders, or the Senior High chorus for tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students. The junior and senior choruses are made up of a women’s choir, a men’s choir, and a mixed gender choir. COCDA is a daylong honor choir festival. The students who make it spend an entire day rehearsing and preparing for the concert that night.

Some of the Bulldogs who will be participating in the COCDA performance are Sydney Taylor, Ella McDonald, and Allison Cain, with this being Cain’s fifth time.

“I wanted to participate due to the prestige of the choir and the challenge to surpass the audition round,” junior Taylor said.

The students who audition practice the music for weeks in advance. When auditioning, students stand in front of a screen. The contestants are unable to see the people judging their voices on the other side of the room.

“My first couple of years auditioning were a little daunting because it’s new territory. With time, the nerves go down and you adjust to the process,” junior McDonald said. “The more you do it, the easier it is to stay calm.”

The most important part of preparing for auditions is rehearsing the music beforehand.

“I normally prepare by studying the music, then working on it with my voice teacher,” McDonald said. “My choir teacher at school helps me and holds rehearsals to make sure that I have the best audition that I am able to have.”

Everyone who auditions prepares in different ways. Some work on their own, others work with their vocal teachers at school, and occasionally students work with a private voice coach.

“Preparing for the audition consists of practicing the music every day and drinking lots of water all the time,” junior Cain said.

The Memorial vocal music teacher in charge of all honor choir issues is Mrs. MaryBeth Singleton. She is immensely proud of the 41 students from Memorial who were accepted.

“When students work diligently for weeks to prepare their audition music, it is the best feeling in the world to see them find success from all that hard work,” Singleton said. “It helps them to understand the value of commitment and perseverance toward a goal.”

The COCDA members are vigorously preparing for their performance on Mon., Oct. 24, 2016 at First Southern Baptist of Del City.

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