Santa Fe Environmental Club is the largest in Edmond


Amaya Stevenson

The 2016 Environmental club meets weekly and they are determined to better their community.

Amaya Stevenson, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Santa Fe is now home to the largest environmental clubs in Edmond. The Wolf Pack Environmental Club has a membership of over 250 students. This club is a way for students who care about the earth to make an effort to help out the environment.The club is sponsored by Environmental Science teacher Denara Manning.

Members engage in activities such as school wide recycling, volunteering at local animal shelters and anything pertaining to the environment.

“I like this club because I can hang out with my friends and help the earth,” junior Marcus Washington said. “Most people think recycling is boring but Mrs. Manning makes our activities fun.”

Manning wants the members to make this club their own. She lets the members suggest activities that they are interested in doing and suggest fundraising ideas.

“If there is something that they want to do, an activity or anything, they can do  it,” Manning said. “This is their club, not mine.”

As of right now, the group meets in Manning’s classroom, but if the membership keeps growing they may have to move to the cafeteria. Originally, Manning was only going to take new club members until Sept. 19 but because of the amount of students wanting to be involved with Environmental Club, Manning decided to keep the membership open for the duration of the year.

The meetings are not mandatory, but all of the club members are connected on Remind101 so that they can know what was talked about in the meetings.

“Having Remind makes it easy to get information because I can’t always make it to the meetings.” junior club member Devin Williams said.

Environmental Club is working one student at a time to make a change in the world. If one would like to be involved, talk to Manning in Room 10.


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