America, scandalous and slanderous

GOP candidate Donald Trump (left) and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have faced-off several times before the election in November.

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GOP candidate Donald Trump (left) and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have faced-off several times before the election in November.

Corrie Warmoth, Santa Fe Staff Writer

As the United States trudges closer towards Election Day, various talk shows and news reporters cover the topic of the presidential election. There have been major controversies over who should be elected President, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or celebrity business entrepreneur and GOP candidate Donald Trump.

In reality, neither of these potential leaders should be considered candidates for the position that leads the Executive Branch. Clinton and Trump have been attacking each other rather than defending their stances on their policies. The President of the United States should present himself/herself as diplomatic, dignified and determined.

On Sunday Oct. 9, television stations aired the second debate between Clinton and Trump. In the past before each debate, the candidates would shake hands before they starting the debate. However this time, Trump and Clinton deliberately avoided contact with one another. Shaking hands represents maturity and respect and their refusal to participate in the act shows their lack of professionalism.

Leaders should be known to rise above their differences and act civil towards those they detest, which Clinton and Trump simply proved they do not wish to do. In a poll done by the Washington Post, Clinton and Trump were recorded as two of the most disliked candidates in over thirty years.

Throughout the election season both Clinton and Trump have lied. In the Oct. 9 debate, Trump claimed that Clinton’s policy would massively increase everybody’s taxes but in reality it would only increase the taxes of the top 10% of wage earners (

Clinton has also been caught stretching the truth on numerous occasions. She claimed that Trump’s tax plan would increase the taxes on all middle class families; this is false because only few middle class families would see an increase, the average middle class would actually receive a tax reduction (

In a most recent report, a recording from 2005 was recently released showing Trump communicating vulgar, sexist and “lewd” comments about women (  This recording revealed Trump claiming he could sexually assault women without repercussions because “he is famous.”

This was not the only account Trump has relayed inappropriate comments about women. The New York Times has reported that Trump has been verbally attacking Rosie O’Donnell. “We’re all a little chubby, but Rosie is just worse than most of us,” Trump is quoted saying. “Rosie is a very unattractive person, both inside and out.”  Trump has also never held any political office before. His lack of experience can cause major problems during presidency.

Trump is not the only candidate that has caused major controversy over the ideal of potential presidency. Clinton has sent confidential emails through her Blackberry and unprotected private server ( Using an unprotected server was a careless act, which can harm national security. A future president should not provide confidential material on a server that has no security because the potential of being hacked can lead to a crisis. If Hilary becomes president, she could still use a personal server and threaten American’s security.

Trump and Clinton have portrayed actions and words unfit for presidency. The candidates have pointed out personal flaws and have lied in order to make themselves more likeable, instead to be seen more popular among citizens they should focus on preaching their policies. Their actions and words show a lack of maturity and dignity a leader should possess.


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