North students flock to the Sanctuary


North student poses with clown at the Sanctuary.

Chloe Golightly, North Staff Writer

During the last weeks of October, many students traveled to the Sanctuary, a spooky Halloween-themed haunted house located off Interstate-35 in Oklahoma City.

The tickets are 20 dollars, though North’s tennis team sold them throughout October for 15 dollars as a fundraiser.

The Sanctuary is located in an abandoned warehouse next to Frontier City. The house is the only four-story attraction in all of Oklahoma, and possibly the best haunted house in the state, according to some reviews.

The haunted house is described as walking through a real-life horror story, with twists and turns at every corner, and chaos and confusion for every step you take.

The Sanctuary lasts about half an hour, though the line into the haunted house is typically around a 2 hour wait.

The haunted house is recounted as sinister and mysterious, with pitch black rooms and eerie actors dressed in ghostly costumes. The makeup of the actors is very life-like, with effects such as forks in their eyes.

Junior Zara Khan recently visited the Sanctuary with her friends. Khan said it took a while to get into the haunted house, but it was worth it when she got inside. Khan said the actors did an extravagant job with makeup and costumes, making it seem real and unnatural as well as grotesque.

“There was a different theme for every room, including different costumes such as mental asylum patients, zombies and clowns. I almost peed my pants when I saw the man with the chainsaw,” Khan said.

In another room, you walk across a ramp, with bright neon, multi-colored lights flashing everywhere. At the end of the haunted house, there is a man with a chainsaw who chases people back to their cars. After visiting with several Sanctuary patrons, I conclude that the Sanctuary haunted house is worth the wait and provides a daunting fright.

Though there are many haunted houses to choose from in the Metropolitan area, the Sanctuary promises a riveting walk through ghastly terrors and fright at every twist and turn. Visit the Sanctuary for a spine-chilling Halloween experience, open for new victims until November 5th.

Learn more about the Sanctuary here.