Diving into the New Season

Diving into the New Season


Sidney Norman, North Staff Writer

As the 2016-2017 swim season begins, Edmond North is attempting to have another successful year. Unexpected changes to the coaching staff have heavily impacted the team as a whole. Coach Erin Devoe has stepped up this season and taken over the head coaching position.

“We have had lots of changes this year,” Devoe said. “The coaching staff has changed after having Steve Riggs as the head coach for 34 years. I love Steve Riggs and not having him around has been difficult emotionally.” Having to suddenly take on the responsibilities that Riggs has had as head coach of all three Edmond high schools for so many years is a challenge for Devoe.

“I have known Riggs since I was nine years old. He was my first swim coach, as well as my high school swim coach,” Devoe said.

The swim team practices at the Edmond YMCA all week. Typical practices consist of 30 minutes of yoga and medicine ball workouts to help with core strength, flexibility and injury prevention. Following dry land workouts, the athletes are in the pool for an hour and a half. In addition to afternoon practices, the team has morning workouts three times a week, which have not been a part of the team’s training in many years.

“In preparation for this season, I have been working on perfecting my stroke,” sophomore Alysha Siddiqi said. “It is really important to have good technique in races. I have also been working on sprinting and my dives from the block.”

All three high schools share one pool for practice, but the Huskies attend certain North-only practices every other Friday. This is part of team-bonding designed to help the athletes get to know each other better and build relationships.

On Saturday, Nov. 5  a select group of swimmers will travel to Jenks to compete in the All-State Preview.

“This will be a good time to gauge for our future possibility at the State meet,” Devoe said. “This season I would like to see its of kids exceed their expectations. In the water, I love to set reasonable goals, as well as crazy-out-there goals. When kids reach those, it is nuts and they realize that lots of things are possible.”

With State coming up on Feb. 17-18, the Husky swimmers will continue to work towards their goals.