Better late than never: A Cubs victory


Sydney Varner, Santa Fe Staff Writer

The Chicago Cubs took the saying “better late than never” to heart. After 108 years, the Major League Baseball team finally came out on top, winning the World Series for the second time in their history. Leading up to the championship, this season has been filled with unexpected turns of events; their full record coming out as 103 wins to 58 loses. The record predicted them to be in the series with teams such as the Texas Rangers and the Washington Nationals, however the Cubs were a fan favorite. They won the series 4-3.

The Cubs started the World Series with a 3-1 record after the first four. Making a come back was unexpected for most, but not for the true Chicago fans. The Cubs are one of few teams to achieve such a feat right alongside the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, who pulled it off twice.

The final victory of the 2016 series occurred on the Cleveland Indians’ home field with the Cubs winning 8-7 after extended innings and a rain delay.

Unlike many of the Cubs fans, who celebrated the greatly unanticipated victory, Cubs’ head coach Joe Maddon was happy to see his promise of a win in the World Series to his team pay off.

“It’s incredible how this all plays out sometimes,” Maddon said. “You have to believe in order to see things, and I do believe.” (

The Cubs have been on quite the victory lap since their win, even staging an epic parade 108 years in the making. The celebrations caused somewhat of a ruckus in Chicago, as some fans chose not to go to work the day after the win. Fans from all around celebrated the victory and talk of the Cubs has spread.

“The Cubs had to fight until the end,” sophomore Caleb Griffin said. “I didn’t really follow the Cubs through the regular season but when they made the Series I knew it was going to be good.”

The Cubs victory has brought on a new era for the team and hopes of more Series wins will come in the future. But more importantly, the jinx and the drought is over.


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