Dallas Cowboys: Prescott or Romo?

The Dallas Cowboys currently lead the National Football Conference (NFC) East with a 10-1 record, having won ten straight games in a row already this season. The team has seen their biggest regular season winning streak in franchise history, mostly credited to their two new players: Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott. Their success has not come without controversy, however; the question remains as to whether Tony Romo should receive his starting quarterback position once again.

Ezekiel Elliott is a rookie running back starter, and he has quickly set the Cowboys’ rookie record for rushing yards in a season with his current 1199 yards. While there is not significant controversy surrounding him and his success, there is with Prescott.

Prescott, another rookie, has filled in for longtime quarterback Romo, who broke a bone in his back during Dallas’s third preseason game in late August 2016. Although Romo is cleared, he has yet to play in a game since his injury due to the dominance Prescott has shown.

With his tenth touchdown pass of the season (he now has 18), Prescott broke the record for most touchdown passes by a rookie in Cowboys history; the record was previously held by Oklahoma native and football legend Troy Aikman. Prescott also has only thrown two interceptions this season, whereas Romo threw seven interceptions during the 2015 season.

Prescott continually shows his patience and precision in his throws, which results in fewer interceptions and more successful plays.  He also runs the ball often and has scored many running touchdowns, making him a versatile and unique quarterback.

While Prescott has certainly impressed spectators this season, some people still believe Romo should be given another chance as the starting quarterback. After all, Romo has the third highest career passing rate ever, and he also has the fourth highest career completion rate in NFL history. So, although Prescott has broken many Cowboy records, Romo has broken several NFL records. Romo has had a long and successful career, and therefore many fans believe he should be able to finish out his career with the Cowboys.

Although Romo has been with the team for a long time and has contributed so much, I believe the best route to success for the Cowboys lies with Prescott. He is young and able and has brought the Cowboys impressive victories this season. He deserves the starting position on the field. Romo’s stats dominate overall, but Prescott shows immediate success and promise for the future, which is what the Cowboys need as they near the playoffs.