“The Love of Three Oranges”



Edmond North Theater cast picture.

Marking the end of the season with their fall play, North’s drama department chose Carlo Gozzi’s production “The Love of Three Oranges.” The show took place from Nov. 17 to Nov. 19.

The comedy centers on the life of a prince and his journey to find love. On his search he comes across a troupe of characters who provide comical insight.

Junior Cotty Morin played the wicked witch, Creonta, in the play.

“My overall experience was really fun,” Morin said. “I’m so grateful for my cast mates; they kept me laughing for days.”

Drama teacher Barrett Huddleston chose “The Love of Three Oranges” due to its ability to showcase the students’ comedic talents as well as putting up a show which was unfamiliar to a majority of the audience.

“I was fortunate to have worked with a pliant and well-rounded cast for my first production at Edmond North and look forward to working with many of the same actors in future productions,” Huddleston said.

Junior Tori Smith played a variety of characters in the play, which included the mute pumpkin, palace guard, and gate.

“I feel like my skills as an actor have grown because of this experience,” Smith said. “I’m so happy to have endured this with ‘The Love of Three Oranges’ family.”

Junior Jalea Molock was one of the students who attended the play.

“At first I was a little skeptical about the whole thing because it was something I was not used to, but I ended up enjoying it,” Molock said.

“The Love of Three Oranges” turned out to be an entertaining night infused with laughter, showcasing the actors’ comedic abilities. Both the performers and audience seemed to enjoy themselves during the play, which provided deeply-needed comic relief for everyone.