An inspirational story creates an inspirational movie

An inspirational story creates an inspirational movie

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Corrie Warmoth, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Some of the most influential movies are those based off of real life events. Hacksaw Ridge, for example, hit the big screen on Nov. 2 with the inspirational true story of Desmond T. Doss. The movie overall is about a man who overcomes physical and mental obstacles in order to cling to his beliefs.

Doss was born in Virginia and was drafted into the army in April of 1942. With religious beliefs to help him stand firm in his decision, he refused to fire a weapon, let alone touch one, while in training as well as during World War II.

In the battle of Okinawa, Doss, played by Andrew Garfield, served as an unarmed medic, and during the fight, he saved over 75 lives of those who fought beside him. He managed to charge into battle with no protection with the intent to save lives even at the risk of his own.

The film itself accurately portrays the bravery Doss had shown through the battle. The movie begins with a flashback and continues with them throughout the movie in order to provide background information on why Doss held the beliefs he did. It  also showed his struggle during training as well as the verbal and physical abuse he had to endure through his training.  

The battle revealed the atrocity of war and because of this it was very gory. If one struggles with seeing life-threatening wounds and/or blood, the movie is not recommended. The battle also showed the strength and commitment Doss had in order to save as many people possible in the fight. Though Doss suffered from wounds during the battle, he survived and he was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1945.

The movie itself brought many emotions to the viewers, especially during the time when he stayed behind after the battle of Okinawa, in order to find and lowered, living and injured soldiers down the cliff where soldiers were waiting. The audience also felt immense emotions when Doss was physically abused by his team due to his refusal to drop out of the army because of his refusal to touch a gun.

The movie, I believe, was very motivational and overall deserves a good rating. The film was very inspirational and accurately portrayed the atrocity men who fight for our country endure.  Hacksaw Ridge shared a story everyone should recognize and honor.


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