Santa Fe Robotics team hosts science program


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Robotics team sponsor Randy Blackwood helping an SOS participant with an activity.

Amaya Stevenson, Santa Fe Staff Writer

On Nov. 19, the Santa Fe Robotics team held their “Science on Saturday” program at Santa Fe High School, elementary students grades 1 through 5. The robotics team hosts this program twice every year as a way to raise money and reach out to the community using math and science.

The Science on Saturday (or SOS as it is referred to by the robotics team) is a program that teaches a broad spectrum of science lessons to students using hands-on activities. Some of the topics that are covered are whales, geology, space and more difficult concepts like physics and chemistry. All of the lessons are created and taught by members of the robotics team.

“The whole program is student-led, which gives us a chance to share our passion and knowledge for math and science with younger kids,” senior robotics team member Ash Chinda said.

The SOS program was originally started in the 1990s by former Santa Fe teacher Dr. Gayla Wright. After she retired, the SOS program died out, however in 2009 it was restarted by the robotics team.

“One of our students was cleaning out a drawer and saw some documents about the SOS program,” robotics team sponsor Randy Blackwood said. “She suggested that our robotics team start doing it, so we resurrected the program.”

The SOS program is over for this school year but this summer the robotics team will  LEGO robotics camps for students that have completed 4th and 5th grade. There is no set date but if anyone is interested in more information about the camps contact Randy Blackwood at [email protected].


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