The return of guided study

Shortly after winter break, Memorial announced the return of the teacher-led after school study program known as guided study available to all students. The program was removed after the spring semester of 2016 due to budget cuts. Recently, however, more money was found in the budget and guided study was able to resume this semester.

Guided study is a time for students to stay at school and gain more personalized help from teachers on the subjects with which the students are struggling. Students are able to attend and receive help in biology and chemistry from Justin Zabrecky, English from Melissa Huston and math from Katie Klossner. They can use this time to ask questions and gain explanations from someone else’s point of view.

“Fifty five minutes of class does not always permit all questions to be addressed,” Huston said. “Sometimes students just need to work with a teacher individually for extra assistance on their assignments.”

In the opinion of the teachers, the return of guided study is a beneficial decision for their students.          “Students should come to guided study if they are struggling in their normal math class or even if they are doing fine but just need some help or clarification on the homework,” Klossner said.

The program is set up so it can be assigned or be attended by choice, and teachers see the reasoning for both.

“I think both can be very effective,” Zabrecky said. “Some students need to be forced because they will not do the work otherwise.”

Attending will give students a chance to improve not only their grades, but also their overall knowledge of the subjects they struggle with.

“The one on one time with the teachers gives students a chance to receive some more in depth help,” freshman Autumn Sharp said. “I would definitely recommend going to guided study to other students.”

This program is available for students on Monday through Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30 in rooms 321/English, 280/math and 425/science. Students will need to arrange their own transportation.

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