Husky musicians compete in orchestra All-State


Peter Markes

From left: Mr. Markes, Mady Hendryx, Eleanor Little, Shary Bouvette, Alex Lunday, Angelina Zheng, Brandon Cobb, Gabrielle Lee, Joshua Brock, and CiCi Higgs


All State Orchestra, one of the most selective orchestra concerts in which only a handful of students from North were chosen to compete, took place at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center Jan. 19 through Jan. 21. Students who auditioned for the concert underwent a rigorous process that involved auditioning on an etude (short musical composition) in the spring, and then an additional audition during fall break.

One of the chosen students was junior Ciana Higgs, who has been playing the violin for five years. Higgs prepared for the concert by practicing and getting advice from orchestra director Mr. Markes as well as her private lesson teacher.

“Playing at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center felt prestigious and exciting,” Higgs said.

Interestingly, famous performers like Michael Buble, Kelly Clarkson, and Steve Martin have performed at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

Higgs’ advice for students auditioning in the future includes practicing, listening to recordings of audition material, and seeking guidance from other people.

Junior viola player Joshua Brock was also chosen to perform at the concert.

“At first, it was intimidating playing with the top-in-state students,” Brock said. “But as the week went by, it became a good learning experience leading to an amazing concert.”

Director of the orchestra program at North, Peter Markes, was proud of Higgs and Brock as well as his other students and encourages them to audition in the future.

“I know that they, along with all of the students, did a tremendous job,” Markes said. “Many orchestra directors cited this as one of the best All-State concerts in memory.”

The concert was a success for all who performed and proved to be an enjoyable experience among the audience and judges. The students’ hard work and time spent in preparation showcased the best of their abilities on stage.