Santa Fe Soccer player shines

Amaya Stevenson, Santa Fe Staff writer

The Santa Fe girls soccer team is preparing for their upcoming season. With tryouts over and the teams already chosen, coaches and athletes are anticipating the games ahead. One athlete in particular is varsity senior Pamela Caballeros.

Caballeros started playing soccer recreationally when she was three years old but at the  age of eight she began playing on a competitive team. She has been on the Santa Fe soccer team since she was a freshman and enjoys how close knit the team and coaching staff are.

“I love being a part of the girls soccer team because it’s more than just a team,” Caballeros said. “The girls and coaching staff are like my second family because they are always there for me and push me to do my best everyday.”

Caballeros’ coaches admire her work ethic and skills as a soccer player.  Assistant girl’s soccer coach Melissa Thompson likes her bubbly personality, her talents as a player and leadership qualities.

“Pam is a really happy and giggly person, but she knows when to get serious,” Thompson said. “She’s a great leader on the team and she has outstanding skill with the soccer ball.”

Caballeros has high expectations for herself and her team and looks forward to making memories this soccer season since this will be her last year at Santa Fe. She is confident that with the strength of herself and her team, this season will turn out to be one of her best.

“This team is prepared to be pushed to our limits and hand out some L’s,” Caballeros said. “I’m definitely ready to finess some ankles and win some games.”

After she graduates Caballeros plans to attend Oral Roberts University to play soccer. The first girls soccer game is Feb. 21 against Putnam City North at Putnam City Original High school Stadium.


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