From the outdoors to indoors: Venture crew 2078 recruits at Santa Fe


Sydney Varner

Venture Crew 2078 had an information table set up in the back hall complete with examples of backpacking, climbing and rappelling gear.

Sydney Varner, Staff writer

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are popular organizations known for scouting but it’s not the only one. Venture Scouts is a high-adventure, co-ed program for people ages 14-21 and is not nearly as well known. One Edmond group is Venture Crew 2078.

Venture Crew 2078’s primary focus consists of leadership, outdoor skills and community service. They integrate these valuable life skills into fun, high adventure camping and hiking activities. The crew hopes to use these adventures to recruit new members.

“There are always a couple of kids who want to do something more,” sophomore and former Venture Scout Shelby Dye said. “When you make [venturing] an available outlet it lets everybody know, ‘We’re out here and you should join us.’”

Venture Crew 2078 began recruiting by setting up an information table for Santa Fe students in the back hallway during lunch hours on January 26 and 27. They provided flyers with information and hands-on examples of climbing and rappelling gear. By making information available they hope, that with more members, more opportunities will open up for the crew.

“We hope to diversify our crew interests by recruiting new members,” president of Venture Crew 2078 sophomore Megan Luster said. “If this event goes well, we want to bring it to the other Edmond high schools and middle schools as well.”

Venture Crews also work with Boy Scouts, as they spring from the same organization of Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The Venture program officially began in 1998 but shares it’s roots in Senior Boy Scouting that was prominent in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Venture Crews were and still are available for Boy Scouts who want to have more opportunities for scouting outside of their own troop.

“I’ve thought about joining and as much as I’ve read about it, I know I would love it,” said sophomore Life Scout Christopher Sidwell. “I would get to do more of what I already do.”

Venture Scouting provides opportunities for people to build their outdoor and communication skills and is an organization for anybody to join. For more information you can visit their website


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