Swimming through the season towards State

With State on February 17-18 at Jenks approaching rapidly, the Husky swim team perseveres and trains intensely with goals of taking the championship. As North swimmers “wave” at their competitors from the finish line, they make a “state”ment for their team.

Head coach Erin DeVoe said her goals for this year are making it to the State finals and earning the top position for Regionals.

“Finishing out the season mentally and physically strong, focusing on technique daily and getting in the right mindset with proper sleep and nutrition is how we’ll achieve this,” DeVoe said.

DeVoe prepares her team for State by having them swim between 5,500 to 6,500 yards in the afternoon. They also added morning practice three days a week for swimmers unable to attend afternoon practice. Some swimmers attend both practices.

“Along with the yardage, we continue to focus on plenty of stroke technique work and faster starts off the blocks and walls,” DeVoe said.

Senior Matt Townsend prepares and improves outside of school by going to Crossfit OKC and attending his club swimming team practice.

“I want to improve this year by getting my conditioning back and working on my technique to feel smoother in the pool,” Townsend said.

Townsend said his coaches help him by pushing him to reach his full potential and believing in him, knowing he can excel in whatever he puts his mind to.

“North practice helps me by giving me perseverance and helping me to push through in all types of pain and malfunctions that could happen,” Townsend said.

Sophomore Hannah Brenning said she plans on improving her swim skills by setting goals for the season and pushing herself to meet them. She also wants to cheer on her teammates so they will feel excited about competing at meets.

“I prepare for State by swimming every day, eating healthy, working out and training intensely for two hours every day,” Brenning said.

With a winning streak under their belt, North swim prepares and devotedly trains to be able to take State as well as improve their performances to excel at meets.