Brooke Fuller: Young entrepreneur, candle connoisseur

Lauren Wong, North Staff Writer

Candles have been a popular trend over the past several years, and have become present in many households as a primary form of fragrance.  For North senior Brooke Fuller, candles have created a great impact on her life and business skills, as she has already created a name and business for herself as a senior in high school.   

With her regular business, she has also been given opportunities to showcase her candles through three fundraisers with North DECA, as well as being featured in a local store.

“I’m grateful and excited about the many opportunities I’ve been given to help my business thrive,” Fuller said.

Fuller started making candles in the seventh grade when she found a candle making machine at a craft store.  The idea of creating a business quickly sprouted from this machine, and  her inspiration drove her to save up and purchase it.  

It took many tries to figure out the process, and she realized the quality of her first candles was not where she aspired for them to be.  With hard work and determination, Fuller diligently mastered her scents and consistency to strengthen her product once again.  

With the renewal of her product she created social media accounts and a business name: “Brooke’s Seasonal Candles.” Fuller offers three different collections that interchange throughout the year: Summer, Fall and Christmas.  Customers have the option to choose from five scents in the summer and fall, and nine scents during the Christmas season.  

“I sell my candles for $12 and package them in 11 oz. tureen jars, use soy wax and double wicks,” Fuller said.   

Her candles have become popular around North, receiving constant buzz from teachers and students.  

“Brooke’s candles function better than any Scentsy or Yankee candle I have ever purchased,” English teacher Lauren Baxter said.

Other teachers rave about the amazing quality and satisfaction they’ve had with their candles.  

“The smell fills up the entire house,” English teacher Jackie Rasnic said.  

Brooke plans to further improve and continue her business as she approaches college.  For business inquiries, you can contact her through her Facebook: Brooke’s Seasonal Candles.