Freshmen find Francis Tuttle

Students searching for specialized scientific schooling in the fields of bioscience, engineering, and computer sciences have an opportunity to grow their education with Francis Tuttle’s programs. Francis Tuttle is a popular technology center focused on specialized education. High schoolers can enroll tuition-free and attend classes during school days.

While the center offers over 40 programs total among their 3 campuses, incoming sophomores can only enroll in the 3 main academies, all at the campus on Portland Avenue: The Biosciences and Medicine Academy, the Pre-Engineering Academy, and the Computer Science Academy.

North junior Emily Fletcher is currently enrolled in the Pre-Engineering Academy. Fletcher decided to enroll in the academy because she has always been interested in pursuing a career in engineering.

According to Fletcher, the teachers of the technology center are the preeminent attribute of Francis Tuttle.

“They are all so dedicated to us and will do anything to help us,” Fletcher said. “They’ve also grown to be huge influences in my life.”

Freshmen like Alli Irving had a chance to visit the Portland Avenue campus on Jan. 27. She visited to explore the opportunities of the Bioscience and Medicine Academy.

Irving said she liked how welcoming everyone was. She also emphasized that the facility was very impressive.

However, Irving is concerned about the rigorous work and increased responsibilities. Despite this, she says she is prepared to work hard in this program for all of the benefits it will give her.

“It will help me prepare for college and my chosen profession,” Irving stated. “I’m nervous but ready.”

Fletcher had advice for all incoming sophomores interested in Francis Tuttle.

“My advice for incoming sophomores would be to set high expectations for themselves,” Fletcher said. “I’ve never thought I’d be able to accomplish what I’m able to do now.”

For students interested in enrolling in the program, application forms can be found online on the Francis Tuttle website: