Car crashes among students at North

High school is a time marked by growth and accomplishments, including becoming licensed to drive. With inexperienced drivers come the inevitable crashes that leave students with financial setbacks and social difficulties.

Junior Raven Akin is one example. Akin was driving and accidentally rear-ended someone by the Sonic on Thomas and Covell during the first week of winter break. The roads were icy which contributed to her not being able to hit the brakes in time.

Both cars involved were totaled, and Akin’s insurance was forced to cover it.

“My insurance went up a lot, and then cut me off entirely,” Akin said.

The crash has had a huge impact on her not only financially, but also socially: being without a car to go places and hang out with friends has been a big change for her.

A similar incident happened to two other juniors, Jake Labrue and Tyler Merkley. Labrue and his brother Logan Labrue (freshman) were driving after school when Jake rear-ended Merkley.

“Tyler pulled out in front of me, and I didn’t have time to hit the brakes,” Labrue said.

Labrue’s car was totaled, but Merkley’s truck was left with very little damage. The insurance covered half of the damage, leaving Jake with a $6,000 expense of his own, a large amount of debt to pay for a high school student.

These are just a few examples of students who have wrecked their cars in the past few months. There have been other occurrences within the school of students who have crashed their cars, such as the car crash that landed five seniors in the hospital, two with serious injuries.

Senior Bryson Holden was driving his jeep down a dirt road in Guthrie on December 21 with fellow seniors Caden Miller, Noah Hooks, Kris Escobar, and Quinton Marsh when they decided to jump the car over some railroad tracks.

“I’ve done it many times before, but we just hit the tracks wrong that time,” Miller said.

The Jeep was sent flying over 100 feet and flipped three times. Miller and Holden both suffered injuries and were sent to the hospital. Miller broke his shoulder blade and Holden broke his neck and hand. Thankfully the crash was not fatal and both Miller and Holden’s injuries are healing.

Holden’s insurance covered the Jeep, which was totaled in the crash, but caused his insurance to skyrocket.

Being a young driver on the roads of Oklahoma is intimidating, and car crashes are almost inevitable. High School is a time to grow, but the setbacks of these crashes can be extreme.