Khalid “American Teen” album review


Khalid, a 19-year-old R&B/Soul singer songwriter from El Paso, Texas, is slowly setting the music world on fire. Nearly one year ago, the young artist released multiple singles to the public including the song that made him known, “Location.” The track ultimately set the path for Khalid’s rise to stardom and prepared us for his debut album titled “American Teen,” which was released last Friday, Mar. 3 and quickly rose to be the number five album on Apple Music.

After the first time listening to “American Teen,” I immediately fell in love with everything about it; he did an incredible job throughout the entire album telling the story of himself, as well as the girl he sings about in every song all while producing different vibes on each track. Some songs are very upbeat and playful while others slow down the tempo and present the deeper side of Khalid’s emotions.

“American Teen” is an incredible album for many reasons. Khalid uses a 1980’s type style of music, but at the same time, he mixes in modern day lyrics by referencing social media and phones in his relationship with girls, which makes his songs extremely relatable.

Each song on Khalid’s debut album is unique, and I cannot name one that I don’t like. With that being said, if I had to pick one song that stood out from the others it would have to be “Location” because of how relatable it is to the youth. Nowadays everything revolves around phones and technology, even relationships, so I love how Khalid includes this in his song about love.

Putting a rating on “American Teen” is a very easy task for me as I believe this album is a classic from the first track to the last, so for that reason I give it 10/10 stars.

The album is available on multiple platforms including Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. If you would like to listen to the available free songs on Soundcloud, click on the link below.