Trixie True, toe-tapping tunes

The North Drama department recently put on their production for the spring, “Trixie True, Teen Detective,” from March 2 to March 4. It was originally written by Kelly Hamilton.

Drama teacher and director of the musical, Barrett Huddleston, chose “Trixie True” because it allowed the actors and actresses to display their many talents, such as choreography and vocal music. It was also chosen for its family-friendly tone.

“We wanted to choose a production that was especially friendly to an array of different audience levels,” Huddleston said. “Because ‘Trixie True’ is a lighthearted comedy, we felt that it would be appropriate for a large range of audience members.”

The musical itself revolves around two different characters: Joe Snood, an author of one of the many fictional Trixie True books, and Trixie True herself, the titular heroine and self-proclaimed sleuth. A perky 18-year-old detective, Trixie True is a fictional character being “written” by Joe Sneed as the production progresses.

Senior Calvin Ong played Trixie’s boyfriend, Dick Dickerson, in the musical.

“The best part of any musical is the hard work involved,” Ong said. “It takes endurance and teamwork to create a show, and having it all come together is a reward in itself.”

Ong also said that the experience taught him to respect people more.

“We all have different limits and challenges, but there are times when there is no other option but to work together and persevere,” Ong said.

Overall, the show was filled with great songs, amazing performances, and plenty of comedic moments. “Trixie True” turned out to be a fantastic production that truly showcased the wide variety of skills that Drama teacher Huddleston was looking for.

The North Drama department also put on a production last fall, “The Love of Three Oranges.” For more information about the fall production, click here.