Edmond North NHS Inductees


On March 23, 181 North students were inducted as members into the 2017-2018 National Honor Society. Inductees attended a ceremony at North in the auditorium where they received a certificate of acceptance into NHS.

National Honor Society is a national organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. The organization specifically recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

“NHS offers students the opportunity to interact with people they might not otherwise meet at North,” advisor Cleo Bowen said. “NHS is more about personal growth, and less about the prestige of membership.  Members learn to budget their time and find out what causes they are passionate about supporting.”

Members of NHS demonstrate leadership by doing community service. Each hour of service is recorded as one point and members must acquire 16 service points by the last school day in March each yearto remain in good standing. Students in the past have worked at the food bank, elementary school carnivals, Storybook Forest, SPUD days, and Open House and Parent/Teacher Conference days to get their points.

“I am looking forward to volunteering with my friends and meeting new people with similar goals and interests,” sophomore Callie Nester said.

Students who are not current members of NHS but would like to apply next Spring should know that NHS comes with benefits, such as scholarship opportunities and character development.

“Every year, I speak with students who did not fill out an Induction Information Packet because they did not think that they would qualify,” Bowen said. “It is better to turn in the information and know for sure if you qualify or not.  I would also caution that in joining NHS, you are joining a service organization where members are committing to performing 16 hours of service to NHS sponsored projects.”

NHS has been an American tradition since 1921, and with 181 North inductees for the year, it is clear Edmond students will continue carrying the torch.