Power Rangers: Another Gritty Remake

John Bishop, North Staff Writer

A cheesy children’s show reimagined in a gritty, dark world is nothing new. Hollywood is oversaturated with remakes and reboots of classics, and the Power Rangers is no different.

While the original show was mainly focused on the action, the new movie strives to take a different approach that I feel worked really well. For the most part, the story was about the characters, not just the action.

For instance, the trailer for the 1995 Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie alone shows a stark contrast when compared to the 2017 Power Rangers trailer.

The movie centers around 5 main teenagers: Jason, Trini, Zack, Billy, and Kimberly. They all come from varied and interesting pasts, which give them all different motivations, and this variation helps the film feel more real and raw.

My favorite character in the film was Billy, the blue ranger. He was the heart of the movie and really brought the whole team together. I also liked that his color was blue, as he falls on the autism spectrum. Blue is the main color for the Autism awareness movement; it really shows the inclusivity and representation this movie portrays.

While I enjoyed the movie, there were still many issues. To start, there was a problem with the consistency of the movie’s tone. Specifically, the last 30 minutes of the film had a completely different feel than the start.

While the first hour and a half was focused on building the characters and a foreboding sense of doom. The final 30 minutes was suddenly a colorful display of action, explosions, and giants robots battling a huge golden monstrosity. It felt like a completely different movie.

There were also some issues with the action sequences. The director tried to create interesting and new shots for the action, but some of the cinematography felt off. There were moments where it was impossible to see what was happening.

I think a lot of this movie’s success is based off of nostalgia. It appeals to people who grew up in the 90’s and watched the original show. As adults, the chance to relive the old days and see this movie was a strong drawing factor, which brought people to theaters.

Overall, I’d rate the movie a 7/10. While there were problems, it was an interesting take on an old classic show that I feel is worth the watch.