Review: Andy’s Frozen Custard

Review: Andy’s Frozen Custard

Do you scream for ice cream? So does Andy’s, a new option for sweet treats. Andy’s Frozen Custard is a chain store with locations in Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Texas and Oklahoma. On Feb. 22, 2017, the 46th location opened up on 150th and Pennsylvania Avenue in Oklahoma City, the second in Oklahoma City and the fifth in Oklahoma.

The shop features a retro vibe, complete with red and white checkered detailing and a large pavilion space outside. The employees contribute to the retro look by wearing white uniforms and hats.

The menu is extensive, providing customers with many options to choose from. They serve basic frozen custard, available with a large list of mix-in options, and they also have several pre-made concrete concoctions on the menu.

In addition, they have banana splits, sundaes, malts, shakes, old fashioned freezes, and even iced tea and soda. The extensive treat menu has something for everyone’s sweet tooth.

Andy’s servings are relatively large, and they have fair prices. A small concrete, which costs five dollars, is more than satisfying. Another pro about Andy’s is the speediness of the employees. I have never had to wait more than a minute for my custard, despite there always being a line.

Customers can watch their dessert being made, as the open plan of the restaurant keeps the employees in full view. Fresh custard is also a promise at Andy’s as it is made hourly, and the custard is the smoothest I have ever tasted.

My favorite order is a small chocolate custard with brownie mixed in. It is the ideal amount and cures my chocolate craving. Brownies are also my favorite dessert, so adding them in makes for my perfect treat.

The only con about the new frozen custard shop is that there is not many seating options. It is extremely annoying that there are only a couple benches lining the perimeter of the restaurant, so many customers are forced to eat outside or in their cars. However, this is partially compensated for by the drive thru option they provide for the ease of customers.

With their motto, “Any Day is a Good Day for Andy’s,” they welcome all who are craving a sweet treat.