Saving lives through the spring blood drive


Chloe Golightly, North Staff Writer

The spring blood drive, sponsored by StuCo (Student Council), took place on April 5 in the Auditorium foyer to donate pints of blood to the Oklahoma Blood Institute which goes to help save Oklahoman lives. This year was the 40th anniversary of saving lives through blood donation.

Sophomore Avery Oliver gave blood in both the Fall and Spring blood drives at North, and said the nurses were very nice and friendly to volunteers donating blood.

“My mom has given blood and said that she felt like a better person after helping people out, so I decided to make the decision of becoming a volunteer,” Oliver said.

Sophomore Lauren Miller made the decision to donate blood, as she was inspired because she can save lives at the Spring blood drive, and said the event was quick and relatively painless.

StuCo sponsored the drive by organizing the event and providing the drive with t-shirts to all volunteers who gave blood.

By donating pints of blood to the Oklahoma Blood Institute, North was able to help out patients who need blood so they can live life to the fullest and assure the school that they were able to save hundreds of lives.
For more information regarding the Oklahoma Blood Institute and donating blood, click here.