Organic Squeeze: Life in Every Drop

Located in the heart of the prominent Nichols Hills Plaza in Oklahoma City, is a plant-based juice smoothie

bar called Organic Squeeze.

Founded in 2013, Organic squeeze takes it upon themselves to live up to their mission of providing pure, organic produce without adding extra sugar or artificial enhancers to their drinks.

Organic squeeze offers various kinds of year-round smoothies, seasonal smoothies, cold pressed juices, super fuse smoothies, health shots, fruit infused water bottles, protein bars, acai bowls and cleanse treatments to detoxify customers bodies.

I have tried numerous of their year-round smoothies, such as: the Tropical C, Green Giant, CB&J, Butter Cup, and the Mango Berry Breeze. My personal favorite flavor is the Green Giant because it combines kale, spinach, avocado, pineapple, apple juice, and a hint of Himalayan Salt: tastes fresh and fruity with a hint of a refreshing green flavor without it overpowering the smoothie. A 12oz smoothie costs $6 and a 16oz one costs $7.

Although I feel that the price is somewhat high, I personally think it is worth it because you pay for what you get, which is a high quality blended smoothie that you can’t find at other stores.

Organic squeeze also has a punch card to promote customer store loyalty, which allows them to buy seven smoothies and get the eighth one for free.

Overall, I believe that Organic Squeeze is a wise option for people interested in looking for healthy drink options, to lose weight, gain energy, or to cleanse themselves in every savory drop.  

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