Toss your study books to the side: break time is calling

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Lauren Couch, Santa Fe Managing Copy Editor

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As the dreaded AP tests begin to swarm high school students, stress can become a difficult factor to handle. Hours upon hours become filled with math equations and details from different decades within history, but at some point a study break becomes vital to success. Aside from the routine scrolling through social media, worry-relief is just a few miles away.

Often times, coffee shops are the hub of studying, but Okay Yeah Co is a cozy coffee shop that has an atmosphere for quite the opposite of that. Located on W Sheridan Avenue, the vintage- styled shop includes a small plant shop, picnic tables and even an old RV for decoration. Their menu is filled with various flavors of their ‘pop-tarts’ and drinks, perfect for switching up the routine snacks that most eat during studying.

“Every time I go there, I find it easy to relax and their coffee is great too,” Santa Fe junior Destyni Williams said.

Okay Yeah Co creates an environment for inviting conversations and distractions for students from the test books at home.

Instant Ramen can become an easy fix for hungry students, however there’s an even better option located in the Plaza District. Goro Ramen and Izakaya is a Japanese ramen restaurant placed in a district of entertainment and fun. Goro is open until 12 AM and has options for everyone, even vegetarians.  

“I go to Goro quite often,” junior Jessica Fan said. “All of the food is delicious; don’t miss out on the pork buns!”

This spot is a great escape for a great meal after a grueling study session.

As the weather begins to warm up for the spring season, an activity to throw the nerves of testing behind is biking. Spokies OKC has various bike stands located around downtown Oklahoma City. Renting a bicycle is free when you return the Spokies bike to any station within the rental period.

“I’ve been with a few friends before,” junior Sona Maan said. “It’s a lot of fun and it’s different from what I usually do.”

With a few friends and a bike ride around the city, one can take in the scenery and beautiful weather.

Although studying is important in order to find success in testing, students need a chance to catch their breath and relax. Leaving one’s cramped bedroom of study guides and sticky notes can be beneficial when it comes to persevering towards the end goal.    

Okay Yeah Co’s environment is warm and inviting, which is great for conversation and relaxation.

Photo Provided
Spokies OKC provides transportation for recreation and fun in Downtown Oklahoma City.

Goro Ramen shop has a menu filled with many options to chose from.

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