Santa Fe NHS welcomes new inductees

Santa Fe NHS welcomes new inductees

Amaya Stevenson, Staff Writer

On March 21 Santa Fe’s chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) had their annual induction ceremony. The ceremony is an official way for new members that were eligible to join the organization. This year there were 290 inductees this year, the largest induction class in Santa Fe history.

National Honor Society is a nationally recognized organization of students that have achieved great academic success. This organization can open new doors for students when they apply for college or new jobs.

Due to the fact that NHS is an organization where students demonstrate that they not only can achieve academic success but can become a productive member of their community they can find more opportunities in things outside of school,”  NHS co-sponsor and English I teacher Catherine Iannazo said.

To become a club member, students must be have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher and not have any disciplinary infractions, and maintain this the duration of their time in the club. Once in the club, members participate in community service projects, after which they receive service points.

This year Santa Fe’s chapter of NHS welcomed 290 new organization members. Iannazo believes that with the new amount of organization members, Santa Fe NHS can make a difference in the surrounding area.

“With such a large class of inductees, NHS will be able to make a greater impact in the Edmond community, “ Iannazo said. “All inductees were selected because it is believed that they will be able to dedicate their time and effort to not only making Santa Fe the best it can be, but all of Edmond as well.”

Senior NHS Secretary Cassidy Towe believes that the large induction class shows the character of these students.

“This shows that this induction class has diligence and self-confidence and these are important qualities to be in NHS.” Towe said.

The students will be able to start earning their points and becoming involved in the organization at the beginning of next year by participating in club community service hours. If members would like to learn more about  the Santa Fe chapter of NHS contact Allison Beverage at [email protected] or Catherine Iannazo at [email protected].