Meet Adys Altstatt


Alstatt smiles for the camera during her first few weeks of teaching at Memorial.

Natalia Mora, Memorial Staff Writer

With the new 2017-2018 school year comes a new addition to the foreign language department. A former Memorial graduate, Adys Altstatt has returned home to her Bulldog roots to teach Spanish I. Altstatt attended the University of Central Oklahoma, earning her degrees in Spanish and school administrations. She has taught Spanish for 19 years, coming back to Memorial from Heartland Middle School.

“I want my students to be able to love Spanish, to enjoy it, and to feel like they need to be more bilingual in their lives, to be able to go and travel,” Altstatt said. “They don’t have to learn Spanish, they can learn other languages… but to be able to be more of a world citizen instead of just a kid from Oklahoma.”

Altstatt will certainly brighten the mood in the language hall. Her ambition towards foreign language integration will inspire her students to learn about different world cultures and become the new innovators of Edmond.

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