Pinking out to spike away cancer

Hannah Prentice, Memorial Staff Writer

On Tues. Sept. 12, the Memorial volleyball team played in their annual Pink Out volleyball game. The Bulldogs played the Norman High School Tigers, winning after four matches. The Tigers came out strong, winning the first match 25-16, but the Bulldogs brought the heat in the last three matches, winning 25-16, 25-17 and 25-15.

The team participates in Pink Out to raise money for a cancer center every year but this year, it was even closer to home.

“This year we are supporting the Children’s Cancer Center because we have a player on the volleyball team who battled cancer and conquered it so we decided to dedicate this year to her,” freshman coach Jacqueline Burroughs said.

As an added way to show their love and support for cancer survivors, each player from the home and away team gave the name of someone in their life that was diagnosed with cancer.

“I’m playing today for my grandmother on my dad’s side,” junior Jacy Vicsek said.

Vicsek plays center for the team. Throughout the game, she consistently set her teammates up with opportunities to spike the ball and score.

Another player who significantly helped the team was junior team captain Allie High. She currently is positioned as the team’s libero, which is a defensive position.

“I love being on a team with all of my close friends because we work well together and have grown as a team and become a stronger force,” High said. “My hopes for this season are for us to play our hardest and try our best and whatever happens after that, happens.”

The loss of many seniors changed the environment of the team by focusing less on winning state and more on growing together and developing the skills of younger players.

“This season we are learning to rely on everyone on the team instead of just a few key players,” High said.

One key factor that led to the team’s victory was the energy and excited atmosphere they created before the game even started. The team starts warm-ups by jumping back and forth on their feet, counting down from five and losing the highest number each round.

“The girls on the team are really fun and sweet and being on the team is a really positive atmosphere,” Vicsek said.

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