“Love Yourself: 承 Her’”: A new era of BTS


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The members of BTS pose for a promotional photoshoot for their latest comeback, Love Yourself. Top row, left to right: V, Namjoon, J-Hope, Jin Bottom row, left to right: Suga, Jimin, Jungkook

Natalia Mora, Memorial Staff Writer

Shattering expectations and revolutionizing the regional boundaries of K-Pop, overseas sensation Bangtan Boys (BTS) has topped U.S Billboards yet again with their new album “Love Yourself: 承 Her’” released on Sept. 18.

In a society where K-Pop traditionally confines itself to South Korea, BTS is breaking boundaries never broken before. Recognition has been achieved in much of American pop culture, and American radio stations are eager to play the group’s tracks alongside domestic artists.

A new project instituted by the members’ own creative liberties, “Love Yourself” is a new series of content, reflecting the importance of confidence, emotion, and exploration of all kinds of love, coupled with the anxiety that comes with it.

After recent success with their previous “You Never Walk Alone” album achieving first day sales of 373,705 copies and ultimately paving their way towards the Billboards Top Social Award this summer, it’s safe to say this world-reclaimed group has had plenty of influential success thus far.

With its vibrant pop sounds, psychedelic aesthetics, impressive rap solos and introspective themes, Jungkook’s whistling solo in the opening seconds of title track “DNA” whisks us into the world of the Bangtan Boys once again.

This time, these South Korean juggernauts are accompanied by a resonating worldwide presence that rouses the hearts of millions, where anything can happen—even the development of a significant international audience.

From the experimental style of ecstatic electronic dance music pop in “DNA,” the highly-anticipated collaboration with popular American musicians The Chainsmokers in “Best of Me,” and even the polished throwback to their previous hip-hop focus in “MIC Drop,” BTS comes back with a wide variety of styles, both experimental and traditional.

The seven members, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, have put together something special. Welcome to the “Love Yourself” era.

“Love Yourself: 承 Her” hit unimaginable feats in its first week, sporting a No. 1 Youtube trending slot and a record stock pre-order rate of 1,122,946 copies, followed soon after with a record album sales rate of a staggering 455,888 copies sold on the first day of release.

Jungkook and Jimin’s swooping, feathery vocals blend harmoniously with a gruffer, down-to-earth rapping performance from Rap Monster, Suga, and J-Hope. The album also polishes much-needed reforms in line distribution, as members V and Jin see much more attention in the vocal and visual limelight.

Of all the brilliantly crafted tracks, the one that speaks the most has to be Pied Piper, a descent into smooth tempo slow-disco carried by the vocal line’s mesmerizing voices. Another notable track is MIC Drop, dropping a shuddering beat (produced by Pdogg) and followed up by tricky rap lines, “apologizing” to haters for their alleged success.

Big Hit Entertainment has announced that the new album is the first installment of this series, extending into 2018 with an anticipatory collaborative project in close pursuit. Both avid fans and casual onlookers alike should anticipate what this remarkable group has in store for the upcoming months.

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