Success at cheer state

Colt Beat, Memorial Staff Writer


The Memorial cheer team performs a stunt in their routine, and wins fourth in their category. (Photo by Jarrett Mitchener)
The cheer team showcases their school pride by holding a props in their routine. (Photo by Jarrett Mitchener)

On September 23, Memorial cheer competed for the first state title as a co-ed team and ended up placing fourth in the large co-ed category.

“We competed against teams from Broken Arrow, Westmoore and many other schools all around the state who have been co-ed for many years,” senior Sarah McLain said. “We are so happy to have placed top four in the division.”

The team atmosphere has barely changed due to the addition Brandon James, the only boy on the team.

“The only main difference in non-coed teams and co-ed teams is the added boy stunts that had to be completed in order to gain points, ” senior James said.

Memorial’s head cheer coach, Morgan Bailey, had a similar viewpoint about the co-ed team.

“Being co-ed changes the aspects quite a bit,” Bailey said. “There are more ranges in the score sheet that you have to complete but it also adds more to the routine from a strength standpoint.”

The team has practiced, modified and adjusted the routine to ensure success at the state competition.

“Our team has been practicing for state since last April,” McLain said. ”We practiced Monday through Thursday for two hours for about eight weeks during the school year in order to prepare for state.”

To perform at the big event, the cheerleaders have to be completely committed and try their hardest to practice safely.

“The practices include working on stunts and tumbling,” McLain said. “The work we put in is very dangerous because we are lifting and throwing people around, which is incredibly exhausting.”

Through hours of work, the cheerleading squad has discovered that tumbling is one of their biggest strengths.

“On our team, we have many talented individuals that can perform amazing tumbling aerials, and Brandon can do almost every tumble there is,” McLain said.

James agreed.

Even though the practicing for the 2017 State Cheerleading Competition is complete, this does not mean that the cheer squad is done with practice.

“The next step is to continue to build toward being a state champion program, both on and off the mat,” Bailey said.

Also, some cheerleaders will still compete for other teams, separate from Memorial.

“Some of the girls are on all star teams so they’ll end up going to nationals and worlds,” James said.

Memories and accomplishments were made, and through the hard work the team put toward state, they were able to be successful.

“Edmond Memorial state cheer is something that is very special to all of the athletes, sponsors and coaches. McLain said. “We all build a special bond while competing and training for one of the biggest events in cheerleading.”

All that the state team can do now is to start practicing for the 2018 Oklahoma State Competition and apply critiques to make the squad even better as a whole.

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